The Amsterdam City Archives (Dutch: Stadsarchief Amsterdam) preserves documents pertaining to the history of Amsterdam and provides information about the city. With archives covering a shelf-length of about 35 kilometres, the Amsterdam City Archives is the largest municipal archive in the world.

In the Middle Ages, Amsterdam’s important documents were stored in a special cabinet that was kept in the so-called ‘Iron Chapel’ (IJzeren Kapel) in the Old Church (Oude Kerk). In the nineteenth century, the archives moved to the Waag building at the Nieuwmarkt, and in 1914 to the former town hall of Nieuwer-Amstel. Since the summer of 2007, the Amsterdam City Archives have been located in the monumental building De Bazel, in the city-centre, which derives its name from the famous Dutch architect K.P.C. de Bazel, who designed it.

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