The British Columbia Provincial Archives are located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The BC Archives merged with the Royal BC Museum in 2003. The BC Archives contain the archives of the British Columbia government, and are valuable for both research and preservation activities. The BC archives have been archiving significant artifacts, documents, and records since 1894, including private historical manuscripts, maps, and government records. There is also a research library in the archives. Of note, the BC Archives website contains research guides to assist those interested in the material they house.

Significantly, the BC Archives house the Douglas Treaties (1850-1854), the treaties signed between certain First Nations groups and the Colony of Vancouver Island in the nineteenth century. The archives also preserve BC Provincial Police correspondence records, Executive council of BC records, documentation of the dispersal of Crown Land in British Columbia 1874-1944, the Premier's Papers, and the James Douglas Papers. Furthermore, the BC Archives contain documents concerning prominent Canadian persons including Nellie McClung, JS Helmcken, and Emily Carr. Also included in the archives are papers concerning the Trutch family, Ida Halpern, Clement Francis Cornwall, and BC premiers Dave Barrett and Thomas Dufferin Pattullo.

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