Located in Fredericksburg, Texas, the Gillespie County Historical Society was founded on November 7, 1935 to awaken and cultivate interest in the history and traditions of Gillespie County, to perpetuate worthy customs of its pioneers, and to collect and preserve their intellectual and material achievements. The county seat is Fredericksburg, well known for its German heritage as it was first settled in 1846 by immigrants from there. Up until the early to mid 20th century, the population was 90% German descendants. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas due to the care with which the town has protected and preserved historic structures, its Old World style Main Street, its many festivals, its museums, fine dining, and dozens of wineries. Heritage preservation and communication is key to the Society's mission.

Pioneer Museum The Society owns and maintains the 3.5-acre Pioneer Museum complex in downtown Fredericksburg. There are 11 historic structures on the campus, including one of the first houses built by German immigrants in 1846.

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