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The Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society (GLIAS) is the industrial archaeology society for the Greater London area.

Founded in 1968 by individuals who had been involved in the Thames Valley Observation Group, it quickly established itself as the leading industrial archaeological and industrial history group in the London Area.

It is a member of the South East Regional Industrial Archaeological Conference, the Association for Industrial Archaeology, and the TICCIH. It also works together with more locally directed history groups and projects supporting individual conservation projects, as well as raising industrial historical issues with national UK organisations such as English Heritage and the Royal Fine Art Commission.

In addition it comments on planning applications and developments likely to have an effect on the survival of industrial structures. In this remit it acts as a statutory consultee.

Its membership is crossed with many other similar organisations and bodies that have similar objectives such as the King's Cross Conservation Area Advisory Committee, the Newcomen Society and the Association for Industrial Archaeology.

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