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This is a list of repositories.

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Repository Country Size Website Notes
China National Knowledge Infrastructure China
Dialnet Spain 7,977 journals, 3,510,779 documents
Érudit Consortium interuniversitaire Canada
Hyper Article en Ligne France
Redalyc Mexico 758 journals, 18,436 issues, 230,720 papers
SciELO Brazil Brazil
SciELO Chile Chile
SciELO Spain Spain
Archimer France
ProdINRA France
Servicio de Difusion de la Creación Intelectual Argentina
Memoria Académica UNLP Argentina
Naturalis Argentina
Figshare UK
DSpace @ Cambridge UK
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository UK
Institutional Repository of the Freie Universität Berlin Germany
University of Nebraska DigitalCommons USA 76,000+ items: articles, books, theses, etc.

A longer list can be found at [2]

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