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The Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) is a London, UK based thinktank and registered charity. Established in 1983 as a membership organisation for UK local authorities, the LGiU provides policy services and seeks to influence national policy, particularly in relation to local government and local public services. The LGiU has around 150 local authority members and a wide range of associate members and partner organisations. Dave Wilcox. In July 2008 the LGiU was voted Thinktank of the Year in the Public Affairs News Awards.

The LGiU publishes papers on a variety of policy areas, with recent topics including social care, public-private sector partnerships and the role of local authorities in the schools system. The LGiU also publishes C'llr magazine - a magazine aimed specifically for councillors in England and Wales.

The LGiU is also Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Local Government.

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