This is for a more detailed listing of the types of topics suitable for the Wiki than on the main page:

The intention is to be more inclusive rqather than lesws.

Articles (or if more practical lists with brief details and links to websites) can include entries in the following fields:

  • Local history societies and similar bodies (eg transport history) - use the category '(Country) local history society' and, if relevant, 'subject area history society'.
  • Archives and record offices (with more depth entries on the Archiverdict wiki at [1]).
  • Local government - structure, administrative bodies and members thereof etc - but see also the separate wiki [2]..
  • How to research particular types of local history and microhistory - use the category 'Research'.
  • Reference materials - use the category 'Reference'.
  • Lists of wikis relating to a particular area, country or region (geographical/historical) - such as United States wikis
  • Developing chronologies and other materials, such as Timeline of government archives
  • Articles on particular lines of research.

Anything else that is reasonably connected to the field - basically anything that lies in the area between 'family history' and 'national history' and which has a geographical component.

Cross-linking with other categories of historical research is welcome.