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The National Archives of Albania (Albanian: Arkivi Qëndror i Shtetit or A.Q.SH) is the national archive of the Republic of Albania, located in Tirana.

Under the former control of the Party of Labour of Albania, the archives houses the papers of the former People's Socialist Republic of Albania, and papers that were held by citizens prior to the regime. Completely modernized to archival standards as of 2004, with help from the Swiss Federal Archives, the archives also houses the Codex Beratinus and the Codex Beratinus II.

The Archive was created in 1949 with a decree from the Government of Albania dated 6/8/1949, as a centralized state organ. The documentary content withheld in the A.Q.SH. has national and historical values of both national and international importance.

AQSH is divided into the following sectors:

  • Section for Documentation before 1944
  • Section for Documentation post 1944
  • Section for Documentation of former Party of Labour of Albania
  • Section for Communication with the Public
  • Section for the Protection of Documennts;
  • Section for Enriching the Evidence
  • Section for the Labs
  • Audio Visual Section.

The website (in Albanian) is [2].

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