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The Noel Butlin Archives Centre (NBAC) collects business and labour records from Australian companies, trade unions, industry bodies and professional organisations. We are a national organisation interested in material from all states and territories. The NBAC holds the records of large companies such as the Australian Agricultural Company, Burns Philip, CSR Ltd, Dalgety's,Tooth and Company and the Adelaide Steamship Company as well as those of smaller businesses such as pastoral stations. We hold records of federally registered trade unions and their predecessors, and of peak councils such as the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the National Farmers Federation. The records date from the 1820s to the early 21st century and include files, photographs, minutes of meetings, some staff and membership records, maps and plans, and publications such as trade journals and union newsletters. Some material may be closed because it is very recent or the owners' permission may be required before it can be used.

The collection supports research on topics such as industrial relations, immigration, working women, indigenous employment, architecture, economic history, family history, social history in Australia and the Pacific, and on particular industries such as agriculture, timber, shipping, mining, brewing, advertising and finance. In addition, the Archives contain the National AIDS Archive Collection, which documents the history of HIV/AIDS education and prevention throughout Australia.

The Noel Butlin Archives collection is divided into the following categories:

Companies, Organisations including trade unions and professional associations, Personal Papers, National AIDS Archive Collection, Maps, Photographs.

The acquisition of material is governed by a collecting policy.

The site, and the collection, received considerable public attention after it was featured by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's station, ABC Local Radio 666AM, in early January 2014, including an online story.[